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    The differene between low voltage and high voltage led strip

    2018-06-06 09:49:38 ZBL Read

    The differene between low voltage and high voltage led strip

    For led strip light, what we talked about most is that which is better, low voltage or high voltage strips? Let's take a comparision. 

    Ⅰ. Safety


    Nomater 12V or 24V low voltage led strips are much more security than 220V led strip light. For the vast majority of ordinary users, they want to enjoy the benefits of LED technology lighting while ensuring safety. A good lighting product is to improve people's lives instead of bringing safety risks to users who like LED lighting.

    Ⅱ. Flexible


    For flexibility, whether you have used a LED strip never used, you can quickly get the answer through a simple comparison. The flexibility of low voltage led strip can be nested in all kinds of lamps and equipment that requires LED.

    Ⅲ. Life time


    We know that both the low voltage strip or the high voltage are processed by the SMD patch lamp, so we can easily find that the high voltage strip light the voltage is too large in the daily use, and it is easy to cause the SMD lamp to heat and the dead, thus greatly reducing the life of the light.

    Ⅳ. Installation


    It is often heard that a lot of friends will say that the installation of the high voltage strip is easy to install, the installation of the low voltage strip light is a little more complicated, but what ZBL wants to say is that the installation and accessories of the low voltage strip light are much more than the installation parts of the high voltage. So there's many convenient ways of installation.

     In most cases, for the ZBL low-voltage strips we will ask the users' specific engineering installation environment, and then give a reasonable and most convenient way to install, for the majority of the users, simply butt docking can be easy to install. Therefore, through the above comparision of low voltage strip light and high voltage, it is very simple to get some results clearly.

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