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    The difference betwteen led strip type SMD3528 and 5050

    2018-07-12 11:55:24 ZBL Read

    The difference betwteen led strip type SMD3528 and 5050


    The led shape: The shapes of SMD5050 is square while 3528 in rectangle. Then the PCB board of the SMD5050 led strip is wider than that of 3528;

    Size: The size of SMD5050 led strip light means that the length and width of the SMD led used in 5.0*5.0mm while 3528 is 3.5*2.8mm; 

    Brightness: The lumen of 5050 led strip is about 22-24lm/led, and 3528 is about 10-12lm/led. Generally speaking, no matter for white or warm white the lumen of SMD5050 is twice that of 3528;

    Price: Since the lumen of SMD3528 is lower than 5050, the price is cheaper either. If it's used in the home lighting, it's better to choose the SMD3528 types strip; However, most customers will use the 5050 strips for the street or markt lighting;

    Property: The biggest difference betwteen 3528 and 5050 is the property. Owing to the different chips for 3528 and 5050 led strips, the brightness is different.

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