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    How to choose the led strip lights for outside using

    2018-07-16 10:28:58 ZBL Read

    How to choose the led strip lights for outside using


    The beautiful scenery of the city is inseparable from the contemporary LED outdoor decorative lights, so for most outside led strip lights users, how to choose outdoor lighting.

    I. Waterproof grade

    Waterproof grade is a important factor for the outside using led strip lights. We know that some are using in the water, and some in the relatively dry environment. So it's important to make sure the waterproof grade when choosing a suitable outside led strip lights. Generally, the common waterproof strips including IP68 full tube covering with silicon glue, IP67 silicon tube covering and IP65 silicon dripping. 

    Ⅱ. Brightness

    We all know that currently the main types of outside led strip lights are 2835,5050, 3014, 2216, 5730, 3528 and so on. We can use the high brightness strips type 2835 and 5050 if the project has the requirement for high brightness led strips. Of course, we know that some practical applications require us to have a light strip with a low brightness, then we will choose the brightness of 8-10lm/led by 3014 or 3528 with 7lm/led to be used as the material for the project.

    Ⅲ. Convenience for installation

    We know that outside led strip lights usually have different effects, some require monochrome to adjust the ambient lighting effect, and some require a colorfull strip with programmable. Because the complexity of the product itself is different, the installation is naturally different. The installation also affects the final selection for the outside led strip light products.

    Above are the common problems and choose method for the outside led strip lights.

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